This months spotlight on Viruses.

Recently we have seen a huge upsurge of viruses. They often come onto your computer from sites like MSN Chat / Windows Live Chat and Yahoo chat etc, but also by users clicking on emails that have “Trojans” attached and very often acquired by downloading files from file sharing networks such as Limewire, BearShare and eMule. Nowadays viruses can even hide in a simple jpg image.

Also many “dodgy” websites exist that will try and inject viruses onto your computer just by looking at their webpage. The site lists over 463298 websites known to contain viruses or other “malware”

Many of the new generation of viruses are very hard to get rid of properly and even the big name anti virus software companies never offer a 100% solution.

Remember, the best defence against viruses is common sense !! Oh and not letting your mates on your computer when you aren’t there too ! Set a Windows logon password to prevent folks using it without you permission, and turn your computer off when you go out. Also keep your Windows installation up to date by setting the “Automatic Update” option in control panel (This will help more than you may think).

Viruses can make your PC run slowly and often cause unwanted Internet pages to appear. Worse though, many of them can steal login names, passwords, and email addresses. This is how your Bank Account, Ebay and PayPal accounts etc can be accessed and hijacked. They can often then get passed on to all of your email and chat site contacts, without you even knowing. Normal Anti-Virus software often cannot get rid of them. Here at Computer Support in Chester we have plenty of practice with these viruses and our engineers have learned some clever techniques to remove them.

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