Computer Support offers a complete repair, maintenance and problem solving service for both your computer and your software.

Included in our visit is advice on matters such as virus protection, safe surfing, the best Office Software to use (some of the best is actually free!!) and a host of other questions we can answer. Our customers often appreciate this service as much as the main reason they called us out !

An occasional software service and virus check can make a big difference to the speed, reliability and smooth running of your computer. We offer this at a lower cost and with a more personal approach than the better known computer service companies in the area !

Many computers have virus infections, sometimes the user is unaware of them. They can make your PC run very slowly and often cause unwanted Internet pages to appear. Worse though, they can steal login names, passwords, and email addresses. This is how your Bank Accounts, Ebay and PayPal accounts etc can be accessed and hijacked. These viruses can get passed on to all of your email contacts, without you even knowing. None of the big name Anti Virus software venders offer 100% protection and viruses often still get through. Our engineers have plenty of experience with these types of virus recently and we have developed some special techniques to remove them.

We are fully insured, VAT registered and members of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Being local, we offer the fastest response to help sort out whatever problem you encounter, or in making any improvements you wish to your computer system.