Computer Support offer a total repair, maintenance & problem solving service for small businesses.

The demands of running a small business mean that computer systems must work for you, not against you ! Computer “down time” or even computers that are running slowly eat into your time, and “time is money“

As a small business ourselves, we can show you lots of tricks to get the best out of your I.T. equipment and to keep it running quickly, reliably and smoothly.

Matters such as virus protection and reliable automatic data backups are also very important considerations.

Often a business will want to reliably share files and printers between computers and sometimes require a password to access to sensitive files, such as accounts or wages spreadsheets. This is not difficult once you understand how to set it up properly, but is often overlooked.

Included in our visits can be advice on matters such as virus protection, the best Office Software to use (some of the best is actually free !!) and a host of other questions we can answer and an easy way to save on expenditure. Customers often appreciate this as much as the main reason they called us out!

We are fully insured, VAT registered and members of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Being local, we offer the fastest response to help sort out whatever problem you encounter, or in making any improvements you wish to your computer system.